New Book Crimedy Noirvella

Bug Bot Press is pleased to announce the publishing of our new book, comedy pulp novel Tough City.Written by Yuri Lowenthal and Keith Ikeda-Barry as part of a 72 hour novel writing contest, while holed up in a cheap motel in Wichita, Kansas, the making of the book is almost as exciting as the book itself. Almost. You won't want to miss this side-splitting and spit-taking hard-boiled adventure.

"A cross between bloody-knuckle noir and old-school Pink Panther slapstick--it only hurts when you laugh, and you'll laugh a lot." – Scott Sigler, author Contagious "I sat up in my seat when I read the introduction, moved to the edge when I read the first chapter, and held on tight when the damn thing took off. The only book this year that I read in one sitting, Tough City is the kind of literary experiment the world needs more of. Blisteringly odd descriptions and quirky, character-driven dialogue make for an unforgettable read!" - Travis Sentell, author Fluid

Tough City, available in print editions now, and e-version soon.ToughCityprint