Author Tara Platt releases kids' bedtime story RELAX YOUR TOES on the heels of previous title

Award-winning author, Tara Platt, having just completed an extremely successful crowdfunding campaign to print and release her interactive adventure book Zartana, is at it again with a new title, children's rhyming bedtime book: Relax Your Toes.

Using her education as a certified hypnotherapist she creates a fun playful book for parents to help their kids fall asleep. Told in ryhme, the story helps kids get comfy and relaxed at bedtime. It spins a tale about a child who doesn't want to go to bed, but who falls asleep after being gently taken through the steps of relaxation - from toes to head.

The book is illustrated by Italian artist Francesca Baerald, adding to the colorful charm of this delightful tale.